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What is Incube8 all about? We’re so glad you asked.


Incube8 is where incredible ideas come to life. We architect, develop, and deliver highly scalable products all under one roof, with a focus on impactful deliveries without compromising on quality and speed. We leverage on AI and ML to further strengthen our software.
We’re here to raise the bar.

Our Approach

A business’s potential is defined by the people within it. Our mission is to enable and empower software engineering teams and individuals to deliver high quality, stable, and reliable products, while continuing to maintain a strong and tight-knit culture.

Our vision is to be the top-of-mind organization for every software engineer to want to work with and to attract top talent in the industry to join our team.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We encourage our team members to take ownership of their work. They are the experts at what they do, and our goal is to make room for everyone’s zone of genius. Incube8 does this while also maintaining an environment of extreme groundedness. We never stop growing, and we respect and honour our processes by always keeping an open mind to what we can learn from each other.

We believe in working hard, and playing hard. While being serious at our work, we also need to be seriously having fun.

Senior Leadership

Wey Ting


After graduating from Brown University in Rhode Island with both a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science, Wey Ting headed to Silicon Valley where she worked at many prominent Technology companies including Oracle, Cisco, Asera, eBay and Paypal.

After gaining over 10 years of valuable working experience in Silicon Valley , she decided to return to her Singaporean roots to start a new venture. Thus, Incube8 Pte Ltd was born in 2013.

Sufiyan Rahmat

VP of Software Engineering

Throughout his early career days as a Web Developer, Sufiyan participated in various hackathons with a focus on SaaS based products. In 2014, Sufiyan’s startup product was amongst the 13 picked out of 315 entries to join JFDI.Asia Accelerator Bootcamp, receiving $25,000 funding to further develop it.

Currently the VP of Software Engineering, Sufiyan has been instrumental in the growth of Incube8. He is a natural leader and has been key in many of Incube8’s achievements.

Jeannie Foo

HR Manager

Having worked in various areas of Human Resource Management for small businesses, MNCs and non-profit organisations, Jeannie is very familiar with payroll, staff training, recruitment, and company events planning.

As a Human Resource Manager, Jeannie is committed to channelling her passion for human resources to ensure department operations run smoothly and deliver maximum value to Incube8.

Karthikeyan Sundaravel

Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager at Incube8, Karthik is responsible for managing some of the software engineering teams; ensuring the process continues to be optimised, and the software engineers continue to grow and perform to their potential. He is a relentless problem solver; applying analytical, design, and technical skills to supervise the entire software development life cycle.

Kenneth Ocastro

Engineering Manager

With over 15 years of experience in Software Development, Kenneth is bringing his expertise and experience to Incube8, helping fellow software engineers excel at what they do. As a Staff Software Engineer, he is also responsible to ensuring quality increments of sprint goals and efficient collaboration with the different stakeholders.

Kenneth is also a ‘tech-maker’ and has previously co-founded a startup. He is well-versed on lean-startup methodology and knows the importance of high impact deliveries within a small cross-functioning team.

Alamsyah Ho

Staff DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Lead, Alamsyah is fully committed to ensuring the smooth operation of the infrastructures and internal tools. He also works closely with the different teams; from software engineers to automation engineers, to understand the challenges that they’re facing and to also automate their tedious tasks, as well as setting up custom monitoring and alerting.

Prateek Kandhari

Staff Software Engineer

As a Staff Software Engineer with a growing passion for mobile app development, Prateek has led and mentored numerous mobile app developers across regions and teams, and is also the architect for all of the mobile apps Incube8 ever launched!

Shanaka Fernando

Staff Software Engineer in Test

A seasoned QA professional with over 18 years of experience in Software Quality Assurance. Proven hands-on ability to seamlessly adapt to multiple aspects of technical (automation, performance, and security testing) and non-technical (test strategy development and planning) responsibilities.

As a QA Lead, Shanaka has a solid understanding of the QA process, methodologies, strategy and tactical process development, and leading & managing testing teams.

What I love about Incube8 is the drive to be at the forefront of technology. The company values staying up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry and encourages its people to do the same. This not only helps us deliver top performing products, but it also provides opportunities for professional development and learning.

Steve Nogadas

What really sets Incube8 apart is the culture. You won't find any egos or attitudes here - just a bunch of humble, super smart folks who are all about making things happen. Whether you're a seasoned employee, a new hire, or even a remote developer like myself, you'll feel right at home at Incube8.

Joshua Paylaga

I thoroughly enjoy my time working here. One of the things I appreciate most is the work-life balance. The company allows us to work from home on certain days and the tasks assigned to us are properly planned out with sufficient time to complete them. The management team was supportive of employees’ personal needs, and I’ve never felt pressured to sacrifice my personal time for work.

Allen Tuh

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