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Redefine your standards. Our portfolio of products span a variety of industries. However, the one thing they have in common is their impact to transform the space they reach, connect, and improve.

Seeking is the luxury dating site for successful and attractive singles looking to create honest connections, share memorable experiences and Just Date Up™.

WhatsYourPrice makes dating simple and more rewarding for those looking to discover high-quality, first dates. We’re the online dating shortcut that gets you more dates without all the messaging.

FirstDate is the innovative online dating platform that significantly reduces the time and effort spent leading up to that first exciting meeting.

With more than one million members worldwide, Miss Travel is the leading luxury dating site that connects travel lovers across the globe.

Gift.me is a stand alone wishlist gifting platform featuring a proprietary privacy layer. There’s no easier way to break the ice than with a personalized surprised gift that exceeds expectations.

Desilux connects our exclusive members with luxury international clothing brands and popular accessories, all at exceptional prices.

Use2Pay is a proprietary payment platform that functions across social networking websites, applications and platforms.

Dragyn is a custom content moderation tool using only state-of-the-art AI. Our digital solution processes all media types and returns tagged metadata in real time.

Setting our sights to a new level, this ultra-scalable customer analytics and insights system was created in-house to provide performance based returns.

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