What We Do

What does a software engineering company do? Keep scrolling for more details on our processes.

Industries We Serve

We’re experts, not generalists. Here are the industries we develop apps and software for.

Online Dating

Our experiences in this field supersede traditional online dating forms of communication and expand into the realm of social. We understand that everyone is unique and is for that special connection. There is someone for everyone, and we want to be part of helping members across the globe find that special person. We’re here to solve problems.

Product Development

We’re a passionate group of Product Managers, UI/UX Designers, and Software Engineers dedicated to making the best products possible, while keeping our users both front and center.

Our team is at the core of making it all happen. From how our users interact with our products to ensuring that they have the best experiences possible.


To satisfy the growth of online shopping, we’ve researched, tested, and developed a digital gifting platform that has proven results. Our platform adds a new level of user-to-user interaction by combining the simplicity of virtual goods with the impact of physical eCommerce. We know our customers and we continue to create valuable products to satisfy their wants.


Working directly with international fashion producers, we’ve combined gift-giving with next level style, swag, and jewelry. Being fashion-forward is just the first step in finding and defining your personal unique appeal.

Our Expertise

How exactly do we go about architecting and developing our products? Here’s a taste of what’s happening at Incube8.

Product Development

Our core products are our revenue generators. We continue to add new features while further improving the performance of existing ones by adopting the latest best practices.

Software Development

We build state-of-the-art tools to help businesses thrive. And we continue to refine our payment processing, analytics, insights dashboard and content moderation through AI.

App Development

Apps have made their way into everyday life; there is quite literally, an ‘app for that’. We build apps on both iOS and Android across different frameworks depending on each projects’ needs.


A good monitoring and alerting system is essential for any software. Our DevOps leverages on both proprietary and open source tools to allow for continuous delivery, monitoring, and alerting systems.

Quality Assurance

Continuous delivery and continuous deployment is only made possible with a systematic and automated quality assurance process. Our QAs ensure that any bug is squashed way before it hits production.

Project Management

Great software engineering teams require even greater management. Our project leads and technical managers are Scrum certified to ensure proper adoption of the agile and scrum practices.

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